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Privacy Policy

The any - he learned of the usage of the portal on his row personal data from the protection of the personal data and from the publicity of the of public interest data solo 1992. yearly LXIII. according to the provisions of a law treats. In as much You sends any personal data of his the to a side, adds his contribution to it with this, that it the - from the aim defined by the character of the transaction and time - let him keep a record of it and let him handle it.

The granted data and informations especially by way of You, but not it may make use of it for undermentioned aims exclusively:

  • market research, market analysis
  • the compilation of attendance statistics
  • complicating a free prize and other games
  • offering information about new products, from services
  • offering information about different actions
  • the management of customer complaints
  • the management of orders

The - his customers, onto his partners' and his other clients'person, onto his data, the onto his existing business relationships relevant - some information treats it as trade secret. The trade secret from under a happening treatment the concerned data-supplier may give an exemption simply.

The he sent some data with protection just like that through the internet handles it, as if they would have been put at his disposal on an other road.

We call his attention to it, that the somebody else may get onto firms' and other organisms' Web side from a website. For the content of the data announced on them and for his correctness, or for the safety of your data the does not vouche a responsibility. The usage of these web sides we suggest it on his case, that convince the given side from a publishing firmsorganism's data protection politics.


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