Legal Notice

Legal Notice

The accepts the conditions listed here as his sides with his opening. We are asking it, in as much does not take one with the undermentioned ones, let him not open our web page!


The everything did a reasonable effort onto the insurance of the fact that all information should be accurate in the time of his charging on the website. Despite this, the neither positive, neither relating the present does not undertake a warranty on a manner for informations given through a portal, and reserves the right to execute changes and corrections any time without a notification concerning the portal or it announced informations on it partly you are in whole let him bring it to an end. The vouche a responsibility for the any kind of imprecision occurring on the portal, you are for a deficiency.

The a website supplies information with the use of any of his users who are the Web sides the accepts it, that the unlimitted he has the right for the information like this relevantly, and the the one according to his choice may make use of the information like this on an any kind of manner. Gave public one and one without offset information like this by way of the user is.


The website, it on them can be found on all of them pictorial and text content, or they his arrangement copyright, or trademark they are at a standstill under a shelter. For them - with the measure exceeding the personal usage - making use of him exclusively in an any kind of form the with his expressed written permit concerning this possible.
We call it his attention, that the from his conditions detailed in above ones different you are a usage hurting them copyright, civil right and may have criminal consequences. The he learned of everything opposite an infringement makes an appearance.


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